Understanding The Meaning Behind Symbols In Women’S Gemstone Pendants

Women’s gemstone pendants are fun and glamorous way to accessorize an outfit. There are many different symbols that you can select for your pendant. Keep in mind these are more than mere embellishments. Each symbol conveys a special meaning.

Listed below are some of the most popular women’s gemstone pendants symbols and their meanings:


The infinity symbol resembles a sleeping number ‘8’. In Tibet and India, this symbol represents dualism, perfection and unity between both genders. It signifies time and its ability to loop back and forth endlessly. This elegant symbol was first introduced by English mathematician John Wallis in the 17th century in an effort to explain the concept of infinity.

When presented to a friend it signifies never-ending friendship. If given to a partner, it means endless love. This is a great gift to give when you want to express your affection and devotion to another being.



This three-sided shape holds a deeper meaning than a mere mathematics symbol. In Christianity, a triangle signifies the holy trinity; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. An upward moving triangle represents aspiration, fire and rising up in the world. A downward moving triangle represents the womb, heaven and water. This symbol is a great example of duality.


This is hand shaped symbol that is currently a big trend in the fashion industry. This symbol dates back to ancient Arabic traditions. Hamsa means ‘five’; more specifically to the five fingers on the hand. It is believed to have protective powers and therefore provides a shield against the evil eye that is feared to cause bad luck, death and illness. The wearer of the Hamsa symbol also experience blessings of the divine.


This universal symbol for unity, love, affection and compassion is renowned around the globe. This symbol took on its current meaning during the Middle Ages. In Christian theology, the heart symbol represented the love of Christ. It was worn by devout believers. In the 1600s in England, the heart symbol took on its current inspiration.


In the Christian context, the cross represents salvation and sacrifice with reference to the crucifixion of Christ. Wearing it protects the person from evil spirits.
Use these symbols and their meanings to purchase your next women’s gemstone pendants at Fab Nine Design.