Top 5 Most Popular Gemstone Earrings for Women


Don’t you love flaunting those turquoise gemstone earrings and ruby ring? You’ve likely worn them to every office party, birthday and anniversary celebration. You love the attention and appreciation that these ornaments draw.

But did you know that those innocent gemstones do more than simply look good?

That amethyst chain you’re planning to flaunt at your next dinner party will do more than shine its brilliant splendour. It is a source of spiritual and supernatural energy!

Across many cultures around the world, it has been noted that gemstones bear many types of energies, particularly healing and energizing. The type of gemstone will determine what it can potentially do.


Whether you like gemstones because of their healing powers or simply enjoy the compliments that they draw, here are top five gemstone earrings for women:

1. Amethyst 

This stone is a type of quartz that has a purplish hue. Amethyst is associated with qualities such as calmness, peace, balance and patience. Wearing this gemstone protects the wearer from wild and rash thoughts while improving their sleeping habits, not to mention increasing luck and prosperity.

2. Hematite 

Hematite is made up of several types of ferrous ores or iron. Sourced from areas with hot mineral springs and stagnant water, hematite may take on a rust or steel color. A person who wears hematite will experience relief from nerve and back pain and improve blood circulation. This gemstone also possesses magnetic properties and helps the wearer think logically.

3. Opal 

Opal gemstone is a hydrated version of sand or silica. It is sourced from rock fissures and usually has pale hues. Much of the world’s opal is obtained from Australia. Wearing this gemstone sparks creativity and spontaneity in the wearer’s life. The highly malleable nature of the stone makes it ideal for making small display items and figurines.

4. Turquoise 

This beautiful stone forms from copper and aluminium. It has a bluish green color and a high rarity metric. The latter trait makes it a highly prized gemstone for owners. Individuals wearing turquoise earrings experience endearing friendships and protection from negative energies.

It also possesses anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Turquoise was the stone of choice for ancient Persian and Egyptian royalty. Apart from earrings, it is common to see turquoise gemstones in pendants and rings.

5. Lapis Lazuli 

This deep blue hued stone is sourced from the northern parts of Afghanistan. It is highly valued for its color. Lapis Lazuli was treasured by Egyptian pharaohs. It was found as a mineral deposit. Wearing this lovely stone increases one’s spiritualism. It’s highly malleable nature makes it ideal for use in figurines, carvings, ornate boxes and many jewelry pieces.

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