Tips for Caring Your Semi-precious Gemstones Jewelry


Gemstones have been a subject of fascination for many cultures. It’s their shape, color, texture and brilliance that seems to captivate and awe audiences. Apart from their aesthetics, gemstones are highly valued for their natural durability and resistance which is probably why many people love having them in their jewelry.

If you own a piece of gemstone jewelry, you likely value and treasure them above anything else. But are you caring for them properly? In order for them to sparkle and last for generations, you need to practice routine care and maintenance steps.

Listed below is quick guide on caring for your semi-precious gemstone jewelry:


After wearing your gemstone jewelry, remove it safely and wipe it off with a soft cloth. Ensure there is no makeup residue on it. Use a pure cotton material to wipe soft stones like moonstone and pearl. You must wipe all semi-precious stone encrusted jewelry every time you wear them.

You don’t need any special appliances to do the cleaning. Most hard stones are perfectly fine when cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. Use a soft bristled baby toothbrush. Avoid rough or hard scrubbing as this might scratch your stones. After scrubbing, simply rinse in a bowl of water and then pat dry.

Keep in mind, hard stones like emeralds, diamonds and rubies respond well to detergent-water solutions. However some stones are more sensitive such as amber and turquoise. They might lose their polish or become damaged when exposed to too much moisture. So avoid soaking these stones.

Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are quite effective in cleaning gemstone jewelry, however not for all types of stones. Emeralds and moonstones can incur a lot of damage if cleaned with an ultrasonic cleanser.

When you purchase your gemstone jewelry, always ask the jeweller about the best methods to clean your jewels.


Make it a rule to store all your natural stones separately from other jewelry. This is because not every jewelry has the same durability and hardness. For example, diamonds are probably the hardest stone which is why you shouldn’t store them with pearls.

Keep them with other hard stones like topaz, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Store pearls with other softer stones like moonstone and peridots. Failing to store them separately will result in scratches on the softer stones.

In addition, soft stones absorb moisture. Therefore it’s best to keep these boxes lined with fabric.

Away from Heat and Sunlight

Heat and sunlight have a detrimental impact on your stones, particularly on the durability and color. Contact with direct sunlight can cause fading and bleaching.

Heat dries up the moisture in many gemstones, causing fractures. Always store your gemstone jewelry in a cool and dark place.

Away from Chemicals

When we say ‘chemicals’, we don’t just mean bleach and sulphuric acid. You use chemicals everyday to enhance your appearance. This includes perfume, anti-perspirant, hairspray, deodorant, lotions, cosmetics, etc. When these come into contact with your stones, they can cause undue damage.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool in particular is particularly damaging to gemstones. Before diving in, we recommend removing all jewelry. So exercise great care when you’re putting on or removing your gemstone jewelry.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your gemstone jewelry for years to come. For more helpful tips, visit Fab Nine Design.