Sterling Silver Bracelets Styling Guide for Women


Many people love the thought of owning a bracelet, but only a handful know how to style sterling silver bracelets for women. These delicate accessories are often purchased on a whim and carefully placed in the jewelry box and then forgotten! There never seems to be an occasion that is right enough to wear it. We’ve got a few style tips that will teach you just how to show off and enjoy your sterling silver bracelets. 


1) Pick a Simple Design

When purchasing your first bracelet, we recommend something simple. This will help ensure you can wear it with everything from casual wear to office wear and even on a date! A sterling silver bracelet without any embellishments or gemstones is a good place to start.

2) Mix and Match

If you’re relatively comfortable wearing bracelets, we highly recommend mixing and matching patterns, colors & widths. Just throw on a couple of thin stranded silver bracelets with one copper or gold tone one and you’re good to go.

3) Pair a Metallic Bracelet with a Black Dress

One of the best bracelet-dress combinations is a black dress with a metallic bracelet. It’s a classic and stunning look that is also timeless. You can also throw on a pair of gold hoops and a simple gold clutch and you’ve got a complete evening look.

4) Avoid Mixing Too Many Metals

It’s easy to go crazy, but avoid putting on too many metals. It looks haphazard. If you’ve got silver, go silver all the way. Stick to one metal. Multi gemstone braceletcrafted with a single metal can be a good option.

5) The Right Fit

Unlike necklaces and earrings, your bracelet has to fit your wrist well. It can’t be too tight and it certainly can’t be too big. Know your wrist measurements so that you can make the right purchase. 

6) Dual Function Bracelets

If you love wearing your watch, why not wear a bracelet that also doubles as a watch?  Be practical and stylish at the same time.

7) Beaded Sterling Silver Bracelets

Want to adopt a Boho-chic look? Wear a beaded bracelet. Pair it with a maxi dress and you’ve got the perfect style statement.

8) Keep Sleeve Length in Mind

If you’re planning to wear a top or dress that is long sleeved, skip the bracelet because you won’t see it! Sterling Silver Bracelets with precious/semi-precious gemstones are more suited for short, sleeveless and three-quarter sleeves.