Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Earring: The Perfect Gift For Your Best Friend!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your best friend, consider rhodium plated sterling silver earring.

What is rhodium?

Much like silver, gold and platinum, rhodium is a precious metal- however more expensive! It is one of the most expensive precious metals available. Why? Rhodium is a rare occurrence in nature. It is located as a by-product of other metals like platinum. It is only found during mining. Since its availability is linked to the supply and demand of platinum, the cost of rhodium is therefore quite volatile.

Why is rhodium used in making ornaments?

As the only material to make jewelry, rhodium is too brittle and expensive. However, it makes an ideal plating material. Rhodium plating is often applied to add a sparkling sheen to white gold or silver pieces. Since rhodium is harder than gold and silver, it acts like good shield, protecting your precious jewelry from scratches.


One of the biggest benefits of rhodium plated jewelry is its ability to withstand tarnish. It also requires no special cleaning or maintenance procedures. Rhodium plating is also a great option to consider if you have an allergy to silver. The plating will provide a barrier of protection.

Rhodium plating is an excellent choice to offset cubic zirconia and diamonds. It provides bright and metallic shine without tarnishing for a very long time. When applied, it has a darker finish than sterling silver. If a slight tarnish should develop, you may use cleaning methods that you use for sterling silver ornaments.

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