Layering Natural Gemstone Necklaces: The Do’S And Don’Ts

Do you love layering natural gemstone necklaces but are unsure how to do so? Necklaces should never be worn haphazardly. You should be able to show off your neckline with stunning gemstone necklaces. To shop for beautiful sterling silver natural gemstone necklaces, visit Fab Nine Design.

But wearing too many of them can have the opposite effect than the one you intended!
If you’re not sure how to layer natural gemstone necklaces, then here’s a quick guide to help you:

1. Work in Graduated Lengths

Start with a delicate, small charm than a medium length chain and continue to layer with increasing lengths.

Do: Ensure your middle necklace is something bold and stunning. This will definitely grab attention from onlookers. Keep the smaller and longer
necklaces simple.

Don’t: Avoid choosing a charm that’s the same size as the charms on your other pendants. In fact, make this charm the biggest and boldest. It will also defeat the purpose of a graduated necklace design.


2. Opposites Attract

In jewelry, small pieces work very well with large ones.
Do: Put together a simple chain and bold and dainty charm. It acts like a superb dainty, centerpiece on your neckline. The delicateness of the chain is a perfect contrast to the striking appearance of the charm.

Don’t: Don’t pull off this look with two simple chains and two bold charms. In fact, this will look gaudy. One is just enough to create an elegant look. Two would be overdoing it!

3. Wear Chunky Carefully

If you’re considering the chunky look, then make sure one chunky necklace is right above the other. Wearing weird lengths can take away from the look you’re trying to achieve.

Do: Select necklaces that are immediately followed by another below it. And make sure the longest chain is the showpiece.

Don’t: Avoid going rogue with your chunky necklaces. Throwing on a bunch of lengths without considering how it will look is not a good idea.

With these tips, you will look your best in the layered necklace look. To shop for beautiful sterling silver natural gemstone necklaces, visit Fab Nine Design.