How To Style Genuine Gemstone Pendants With Other Accessories?

It’s one thing to own genuine gemstone pendants but another thing to pull it off with other accessories. The last thing you want is the pendant to disappear amidst the noise of over-accessorizing.


Here are a few style tips on how to accessorize with genuine gemstone pendants:

1. Skip Big Earrings

If you plan to wear a large pendant, accent it with a pair of small earrings. Skip dangly earrings and hoops. For arm jewelry, consider a thin bracelet or bangle and just one ring.

Your pendant needs to be the focal point in your outfit. If you’ve got a lot going on everywhere, your attire will look very confusing and messy. Make your pendant the star by mellowing or minimizing the rest of your accessories.

2. Learn about Necklines

There are some shirts and tops that are best suited for pendant necklaces, while others are not. Some of the shirt and top styles for wearing pendants include turtlenecks, crew cuts, collared shirts and some V-necks. For the V-necks, this will depend on how deep the V-cut is and where the pendant ends when worn. This will vary with every woman. You can always consider a pendant on an adjustable chain to circumvent this issue.


3. Skip Wearing Too Many Necklaces

Pendants are meant to be the star in your accessories. Although you can accompany them with simpler accessories, you still need to exercise caution, especially if you plan to wear a necklace as well.

The only time you can pull off a necklace with a pendant is if your top is in a neutral shade and has a very simple, non-embellished neck. Even in this case, a simple chain is recommended. We recommend trying on both the pendant and the chain before stepping out the door.

Now you’re equipped with important style tips on how to wear a pendant necklace with other accessories.
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