How to Shop for Real Sterling Silver Ring with Royal Looks?


Sterling silver ring with royal looks is a reflective and shiny, white metal. In its purest form, silver is very soft. In order to strengthen its texture, many jewelers add another metal alloy to it, usually copper. The silver to copper ratio is typically 92.5% silver to 7.5% copper. Hence the term ‘sterling silver’ is used. The addition of copper makes silver extremely durable.

When learning how to purchase silver jewelry, there are characteristics such as shine that you must consider. Sterling silver jewelry pieces often have a hallmark or stamp inscribed on it. This helps to determine whether the piece is genuine or not. Investing in quality sterling silver jewelry will help you enjoy it for years to come.


With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to shop for sterling silver ring with royal looks:

1. Shop at a reliable retail, boutique or antique jewelry shop. This gives you some peace of mind that the jeweler is reputable.

2. Select pieces you’d like to have, keeping your preferences in mind.

3. For each item, request specific information about the silver and or gemstone, i.e. a gemstone certificate.

4. To verify the silver, look for the .925 hallmark stamp on the silver piece. This may be on the flip side of your accessory. If you are unable to spot the hallmark, ask the salesperson for assistance.

5. Along with the .925, the designer’s initials are also present, particularly if it’s a brand. Ask your jeweler to identify the brand or designer.

6. Request to use a magnifying glass to closely observe your sterling silver pieces for scratches, marks, dents, etc.

7. Once you’re completely satisfied with your piece, we recommend asking your jeweler how to care for the item. Additional Tips - Avoid buying jewelry with a tarnished surface. This indicates poor quality silver. - In sterling silver jewelry, there is a wide range of affordability. A very expensive or very cheap piece doesn’t mean it’s the best quality. Use the hallmark and .925 as your guide. - After purchasing your sterling silver, keep it clean and dry using a soft material. Avoid placing it with sharp or hard accessories. To shop for stunning sterling silver with royal looks, visit Fab Nine Design.