How To Shop For Daily Wear Multicolored Gemstone Earrings?


Multicolored gemstone earrings are an essential accessory in a woman’s overall look. The right set of earrings can not only complement your outfit but also enhance your appearance. In addition, gemstones have their unique look and sparkle which help enrich your ensemble even further.

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Use the following tips to learn how to shop for daily wear multicolored gemstone earrings:

Determine your Budget

Start off with a budget in mind. This will help you narrow down your search to earrings you can actually afford. It will also prevent the disappointment of not being able to purchase earrings that are out of the budget. It will also help you understand how many pairs of earrings you can buy for daily wear purposes.

Choose your Style

Do you prefer simple designs like studs or something ornate with intricate designing? Your earring style preference is a reflection of your personality. We recommend selecting a pair that is simple and a pair that is bold. This will help capture both spectrums of your personality!
Examine your Facial Structure

Similar to shopping for your body type, different earring style suit different facial shapes. Some earrings can make your face appear sleek and slender while the wrong choice earring can make it look fat and wide.  Since most of us give preference to the slim and sleek look, consider the following:


Round Face

Stay away from the hoop, button studs or circular earrings. Opt instead for a dangle or long drop style earrings. The shape of the earring should not emphasize the shape of your face!


Women with a square edge structure should consider oval or hoop-shaped earrings. This softens the lines on your face.


For long or narrow faces, we recommend clustered earrings, studs and short dangles.


Teardrop and chandelier style earrings suit this facial structure quite well.

Select a Metal-Stone Combination

When shopping for multicolored gemstone earrings, you can choose the type of metal setting you prefer. For example, silver perfectly complements every color of stone and is also the most affordable. If you’ve got the room in the budget, we recommend gold setting for gemstones like emeralds and rubies as it helps to enhance their color.
Comfortable for Daily Wear

This is a highly personal decision. Some women are comfortable with wearing hoops and dangles on a regular basis while others prefer to adhere to studs. This depends on your personality and comfort level. Consider your lifestyle when selecting your earrings. For example, if you’re an active women, then earrings that don’t move around too much might be a good choice for you.
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