How To Select The Right Length In Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendants?

Different lengths in sterling silver gemstone pendants flatter each individual differently. It’s rather strange to think about jewelry this way considering pendants are a one-size-fits-all accessory.

Believe it or not, the jewelry industry follows protocols when it comes to the length of pendants and necklaces. By starting with your desired length, you can custom select your own sterling silver gemstone pendant.



Chokers- These are 14 inches long and wrap around the neck, i.e. choke but not literally! This style can be worn with anything.

Collar- This necklace style is much like a choker but sits a little looser around the neck. It suits shirts and dresses that have a scoop, V-neck or off the shoulder.

Princess- This pendant is 18 inches in length and is worn around the collarbone. It’s a versatile design which can be worn with any type of

Matinee- Extending up to 24 inches in length, matinee pendants are long and end at the chest.

Opera- This design is 30 inches in length or more and often features an adjustable chain with significant embellishment in the pendant.

Lariat- The length of this chain design is longer than an opera and is sometimes also referred to as a rope chain.

Consider your Shape

Each type of pendant is suitable for a certain facial shape/structure.

Chokers fits snugly around your neck, it is ideal for women with swan-like, long necks. If a short person wears this necklace style, they may appear stubby. In addition, if you have many wrinkles in your neck, you might want to stay away from chokers.
For women with a wide or short neck length, necklaces with a matinee length will suffice as these extend past the collarbone and end at the bust. You can wear matinees with casual and professional outfits. They help lengthen your neck.

If you’re very short or have a large bust, a long necklace may not suit your structure. In fact, it might make you look very strange. In this case princess style pendants are appropriate.

What if you’re short and busty? Consider a princess length necklace with a small pendant.


Facial Structure

The good news is faces that are square, oval, heart-shaped, round or diamond shaped, in other words all types of shapes can wear a pendant! However certain facial structure look their best with a particular pendant style.

If you’re blessed with an oval shaped face, you can wear just about any length or design of pendant. If you’ve got a round face, we recommend wearing a long necklace to help create a V shape that will help slim your face.

Women with a heart-shaped face should opt for round and short necklaces to soft the angles in their faces.

Contents in your Closet

Take a close look at the contents in your closet when selecting a necklace. The type of clothing you have will determine the style of your pendant (in addition to your body structure and facial shape). For example, simple, sterling silver pendants are suitable for office and casual wear.

Selecting the best sterling silver gemstone pendants may take some trial and error, but with these tips we’re sure you’ll select the best one.

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