How To Purchase Sterling Silver Jewellery Online?

Sterling silver jewelry online is a prevalent material used to make ornaments, primarily due to its appearance, affordability and durability. Sterling silver is an alloy; a mixture of different metals of which 92.5% is silver and remaining 7.5% consists of metals such as copper, nickel, brass, etc. These added materials add strength to jewelry.


When you’re shopping for silver, keep in mind not every silver piece is created equally. Here are some helpful tips to help you purchase sterling silver jewelry online:

1. Research E-Commerce Companies that sell Sterling Silver Jewellery

There are many online retailers that sell jewelry. You need to ensure that they are reputable. Look for online reviews of the company. When in doubt, contact the Better Business Bureau agency to verify details about a particular online store.

2. Read All Pertinent Information about your Ornament

Once you’ve selected an item, ensure you read the description carefully. For items like rings and bracelets, make sure you’re purchasing the correct size. For rings, it helps to know your ring size beforehand.

A reputable retailer will include multiple angles of the same ornament. There will be details about the stone, metal, cut, composition, etc.
Watch out for terms like “plated”

If your particular silver ornament is described using the terms “silver plated”, it means the piece is only coated with silver for appearance purposes. However, the item itself is made from other metals like copper or nickel. You can expect this silver coating to eventually wear away.

Find the Hallmark

This is an important check to determine the quality and authenticity of a particular piece. Sterling silver ornaments in the United States must have a 92.5, 925 or .925 engraving. This is the only sure-fire way of determining if the item is indeed silver. When you’re viewing your piece from multiple angles, the 925 stamps should be visible.


3. Check the Return Policy

Every online shop must have a return policy along with its product details. Sometimes this is listed as a broad policy on a separate page. Ensure you read these terms carefully. Pay close attention to terms that dictate goods which are damaged when you receive them. Is there a sufficient grace period for returns? Do they offer a complete money-back guarantee or a credit note?

4. Purchasing and Tracking

If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, the retailer must provide multiple payments, i.e. credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery, etc., as well as shipment tracking.

With these tips, you should be able to shop for sterling silver jewelry online at Fab Nine Design with confidence.