How To Keep Your Gemstone Necklaces Sparkling For A Lifetime?


Gemstone necklaces are a special ornament. Every woman treasures these the most in her collection. Like rings, necklaces often become heirloom pieces which are passed on to the next generation.

If you want to keep the sparkle alive in your gemstone necklaces for grandchildren, consider the following tips:

Avoid High Temperatures

Gemstones are sensitive to extreme pressure and temperature. For example, the much-loved purple color of amethyst is capable of changing when exposed to heat. Pearls are considered soft on the Moh’s scale of hardness. When exposed to heat, it can significantly damage their surface. Therefore, avoid placing them near sources of heat, i.e. stove, oven, heater, direct sunlight, etc.

Always store your gemstone jewelry in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat.


Regular Maintenance

There will be some gemstone earrings and bracelets that you love so much that you’ll likely wear them on a daily basis. Naturally, they’ll require routine maintenance. The best way of caring for your precious stones is by wiping them with a soft cloth. This helps to remove dirt and grime and restores their natural shine. Except for pearls, you can always use diluted dish detergent and running water to clean your jewelry.

Avoid using harsh cleaners because these are not suitable for all types of gemstones. When in doubt, consult a professional gemmologist for cleaning instructions.

Proper Storage

After wearing your gemstone earrings for the whole day, you’re likely going to remove them and set them down on your dresser. Avoid this practice as much as possible because your gems will come into contact with oils and perfumes which will damage the surface of your gemstones. Place your jewelry box on top of your dresser so that you can immediately place them in their rightful box.


Ideally, you should store your gemstone jewelry in separate boxes/compartments. This prevents them from incurring scratches. For further protection, consider individually wrapping your gemstone necklaces in a soft material like velvet.

With these handy tips, you’ll enjoy the sparkle of your gemstone necklaces for a lifetime. To shop for beautiful gemstone jewelry, please visit Fab Nine Design.