How To Complete An Outfit With The Right Gemstone Jewelry?

People from cultures all around the world wear jewelry. Some wear it to enhance their outfits, others may wear it to display their status and some like to stay on top of current jewelry trends. Most trends come and go, however the guidelines that govern when and where to wear jewelry never change.

When wearing gemstone jewelry, consider the attire with which it is being worn. All fashionistas know that accessorizing an outfit with the right jewelry will get you noticed! You just want to make sure the attention is positive. Jewelry should complement your look while enhancing your appearance and bringing out your personality. The concept of “less is more” doesn’t always work with gemstone jewelry. In fact, “bling is in” is more apt!


With that being said, here are tips on how you can complete an outfit with the right gemstone jewelry:

For Everyday Attire

There are some types of jewelry which you can wear on a daily basis. For example, married persons can wear a wedding band with a diamond. Some types of wristwatches function as both a time-teller and a bracelet encrusted with gemstones. Even a simple single-stranded silver necklace with a stone pendant may be worn every day.

For the Office

When selecting gemstone jewelry for the office, select ornaments that aren’t too noisy or distracting. You can still display your personality without being too “loud” about it. In a conservative setting, opt for stud earrings that go with your three-piece suit. In a semi-casual office setting, opt for small hoops or gemstone studs. In a casual environment, large earrings with stones are perfectly okay as long they don’t make noise.

Avoid wearing earrings or bracelets that cling and clang especially when you’re typing away on your laptop. It can be highly distracting. If you’re not sure what to wear to work, simply opt for a pair of gemstone studs, a watch-bracelet and sterling silver necklace. This is a balanced way to accessorize without going overboard.

Do not wear skeleton or skull jewelry or large spikey cuff bracelets to work!


For Formal Events

This is the perfect opportunity for you to put on your best jewels and let your inner diva shine. It's tempting to wear everything, but the right bling is the key. You want to emphasize your best characteristics. For example, if you’re planning to wear your hair in an up-do, consider a choker style necklace to highlight your long neck and cheekbones.

Some of the best types of jewelry to wear to a formal event include diamonds and pearls. Wear one large piece or statement jewelry and downplay the rest of your ornaments. Skip trying to wear a matching set; rather try to wear complementary colored gemstone jewelry.
With these helpful tips, you can complete an outfit with the right gemstone jewelry. Visit Fab Nine Design to shop for your gemstone jewelry.