How To Choose A Perfect Gemstone Ring That Reflects Your Style?


When it comes to selecting the perfect ring, more people are opting for gemstones rather than diamonds. Not only do gemstones offer a variety of color and texture, but they also convey significant meaning. There are also many practical considerations involved such as cost and care which make gemstone rings a better choice over diamond ones.

If you’re searching for that perfect gemstone ring to suit your style, consider the following tips:

1. Choose a Design

When shopping for a gemstone ring, you should select a design that sings well with your taste. There are plenty of designs out there to choose from such as a band, cluster, cocktail, antique, claddagh, contemporary, estate, etc. Ask your jeweller to see a variety of designs and pick one that you would enjoy wearing.


2. Select a Shape

Similar to the ring design, gemstones are cut into various shapes. This enhances their beauty. Again, this is a matter of personal preference but knowing the names of various shapes helps! Some of these shapes include oval, marquise, cabochon, briolette, ascher, baguette, heart and emerald, to name a few.

3. Decide on a Color

Unlike diamonds, the range of colors in gemstone rings is vast. You no longer have to settle for a boring white diamond. You can opt for red rubies, blue sapphires, green emeralds, multi-colored opals, pink pearls, orange corals or morganites, etc. Within the variety of gemstones, there are plenty of options ranging from affordable to expensive.

4. Select a Ring that Reflects your Personality

Buying a gemstone ring is a lifetime investment. You need to like wearing it otherwise it would sit around in your jewelry collection. Each gemstone out there reflects certain traits; we recommend choosing one based on those traits. For example, opals represent creativity, spontaneity and lightness. Apatite stone represent communication.


With these four tips in hand, you will be able to select the perfect gemstone ring. Visit FabNine Design to shop for your gemstone ring today.