How To Choose A Necklace For Your Dress?


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states, the average American family will spend up to $1,700 per year on clothing. In addition, the average woman owns up to thirty outfits! Naturally, one must learn how to pair a necklace with all those different necklines!

The key to selecting the perfect necklace for your outfit is your neckline. Certain types of necklaces are made for specific necklines.

Listed below, are different types of necklines and of necklaces that will suit them:


When you wear a V-neck, it draws the eye to your cleavage or chest area. Therefore your necklace should do the same. Pendant style necklaces are best suited for this neckline. In fact, the wider the V-neck, the more angular the pendant. Avoid wearing a pendant that extends past the length of the V-neck.


Choker style necklaces are a lovely accompaniment for strapless dresses and tops. They bring all the attention to your neck and away from the mid-section. If you’re planning to wear a pendant, wear one with a shorter length. This will draw the attention towards your collar bones and neckline. In case, you want to de-emphasize the neckline and focus on the shoulders, consider adorning a princess necklace.



Halter necks can be tricky to pair with a necklace because the eyes are drawn to the mid-section and the cleavage. In either case, a short pendant with a sharp or curved end is best for this type of neckline. You can also consider drawing attention upwards by wearing a choker. Avoid wearing long necklaces.


For a square neckline, an angular pendant works best. This draws the eye towards your jawline. Skip wearing a square shaped pendant. This will make you look like you’re “boxed in”. The length of the necklace will be determined by where the neckline ends. Skip wearing something that’s too long, especially if you have short height.


Sweetheart necklines emphasize the shoulders, cleavage and neck areas. Your necklace should therefore enhance these regions. In this case, necklaces with wider pendants help to balance the space within the neckline. Opt for soft angles and curves instead of rigid angles. Princess and choker style necklaces work best with this neckline.


In a turtleneck, your neckline is covered so there’s no point in wearing a small necklace or choker. Opt instead for medium or long necklaces or even opera chains. These are worn on the outside of the turtleneck. You can opt for one with a large pendant.



This neckline has plenty of open space, so your goal ought to be to fill it up! Opt for a necklace with large pendants or beads but with soft angles such as a pearl necklace.


For an asymmetrical neckline, an asymmetrical necklace works best. Choose one with different shaped or sized beads. Ensure it’s proportionate to the neckline.

With these tips in hand, choosing a necklace to pair with your neckline is very simple. In case you’re stuck, opt for an adjustable length necklace!

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