How To Care For Your Sterling Silver Earrings?

Do you love your sterling silver earrings? Do you want to pass them on to your daughter or niece? One of the best ways of getting many years out of sterling silver jewelry is taking care of them properly.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, silver doesn’t turn into rust or develop a green or black coating. Exposure to chemicals (through makeup and perfumes), sweat and humidity cause this metal to develop oxidation. Therefore it’s important you learn how to care for your jewelry. You need to take particular care when going to the beach, as the salty water can affect the surface of your earrings.


Listed below, are some helpful tips on taking care of your sterling silver earrings:

1. Be Mindful of Humid or Wet Conditions

Before entering a sauna, pool, shower or swimming in the ocean, remove your earrings and place them in a dry container
Items such as hair products, body lotions and make up contain chemicals which may cause chemical reactions when they come into contact with your silver earrings. It may actually cause your ears to become green.

2. Wear your Earrings Frequently

Unlike other types of metals, sterling silver is less likely to tarnish or rust when worn frequently. So don’t just store your silver jewelry for a special occasion; show them off and wear them often. Just avoid wearing them in the sauna or swimming pool.

3. Clean with Baking Soda, Warm Water and Salt

To clean your sterling silver earrings mix together a teaspoon of baking soda, salt and warm water. Line a deep bowl with foil and place this mixture in it. Place your sterling silver in it. While the mixture is fizzing, it’s working to clean your ornaments. Leave your jewelry in this solution for five minutes. Then use a washcloth to gently wipe off the mixture.

Avoid commercial jewelry cleansers as much as possible as this can harm your ornaments even more.

4. Use Car Wax for Glossy Finished Earrings

If your silver earrings have a glossy finish, use a bit of car wax to give it a buff.

Earrings with a matte finish are easily cleaned with a warm soap solution and a soft cloth.

By following these care tips, you will enjoy your sterling silver earrings for a lifetime.

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