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Are you searching for that flawless piece of jewelry? That stunning show stopper piece that will melt hearts and bring you to the focus? Then consider gorgeous Morganite Topaz Jewelry to pair with your outfit.


Here’s your chance to learn about this precious gemstone:

What is Morganite Topaz?

Morganite originates from the Beryl family. It was named after the famous banker and collector JP Morgan. This stone is sourced from several places, especially, Madagascar and Brazil.

Morganite has a clear pink color but can also take on a greenish or yellowish hue. It’s most popular form is in stunning sea-blue Aquamarine color.

This gemstone ranges in shade from pale pink to soft violet. The depth of shade within the stone is dependent upon the quantity of manganese.

Is Morganite Topaz rare?

This is a rare and semi-precious gemstone. It is a close cousin to familiar Beryl stones like Aquamarine and Emerald. Morganite displays superb durability and high grade of brilliance.

What are some of its best colors?

Morganite is familiar with soft pink shades, pastel greens, pinkish purples & pinkish orange. Therefore, rose, pink salmon and peach are its primary color ranges. Morganite Topaz Jewelry looks very elegant & beautiful.

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Treatment of Morganite

Morganite undergoes heat treatment to improve its pink hue. However, this treatment is undetectable.

Is Morganite suitable for regular wear?

This gemstone rates 7.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale. Hence, it’s a popular choice for engagement rings. It is not as durable as ruby, sapphire or diamond. Morganite Topaz Jewelry can be worn on a regular basis.

Where is Morganite sourced?

Morganite is mostly sourced from Minas Gerais in Brazil where there are many pegmatite mines.

Afghanistan, Namibia, Mozambique, Madagascar and the United States are other countries which are a source of Morganite.

What are some of the benefits of wearing Morganite Topaz Jewelry?

Wearing morganite helps promote assurance, compassion and healing. Morganite exhibits gentle energy attuned to the heart chakra.

Morganite cleanses the body from anxiety and stress, hidden traumas and old wounds.

How do you care for Morganite Topaz?

To start, soak your gemstone in a small container filled warm water. Leave it there for a few minutes.

Remove from the water and brush the gemstone with a soft bristle children’s toothbrush using a mixture of water and dish soap.

Be sure to clean on the inside of the ring as well. This should take up to 5 minutes. After brushing, rinse and pat dry with a soft, cotton cloth.

Store your Morganite topaz in a clean box and away from sharp objects. For your anniversary, birthday or engagement, consider a beautiful morganite topaz ring. Visit FabNine Design Online Shop today.