5 Reasons To Start Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry


The practice of wearing ornaments and jewelry is as old human history. It is practiced in most cultures across the globe. Jewelry is synonymous with femininity. In fact, most women have a piece or two of jewelry in their collection.

Of all the types of jewelry worn, sterling silver jewelry is the most popular. It is worn in many forms; from bracelets, bangles and necklaces, to rings, earrings, cuffs and pendants. You will often find sterling silver jewelry with simple designs and some encrusted with gemstones. The options in style and design of silver jewelry are infinite!

Whether you’re contemplating the purchase of your first sterling silver piece or your 100th, here are five compelling reasons why you should buy this type of jewelry:

1) Silver is Durable

With silver, you truly get value for your money. Sterling silver is a combination of silver (92.5%) and copper or brass (7.5%). This makes it a very durable material that will last for generations. You can wear your sterling silver ornaments without worrying about damaging or scratching them.


2) Silver is Affordable

Unlike gold and platinum, sterling silver is pocket friendly. This is because silver is easier to source and mine than other precious metals. You can find a wide range of designs and styles at inexpensive rates. In addition, your choice is not limited to simple silver bands either. You can opt for beautiful silver jewelry with gemstones.

3) Silver is Stylish

Wearing sterling silver jewelry is always “in”. Designers of silver jewelry are keen about creating the latest styles to show off this magnificent metal. In fact, one can make more design variations with silver than with other metals. As a result, jewelry designers are able to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Besides, you can wear silver with virtually any type of outfit; formal or casual.

4) Silver is loved by all Ages

Whether you’re a teenager, college student, career professional, stay-at-home mom or a retired executive, silver jewelry is worn and loved by people of all ages, not to mention cultures.

5) Silver Complements other Metals

One fascinating feature about sterling silver is that it can be seamlessly paired with other metals such as gold, brass and copper. This is unique for this precious metal which further increases its aesthetic appeal.

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