March – Aquamarine

The name ‘aquamarine’ is derived from two Latin words ‘aqua’ and ‘marina’, meaning water and sea respectively. This beautiful stone ranges in a light blue to blue-green. Larger stones often display a more intense color and darker blue stones are considered the most valuable.Aquamarine is a gemstone of the beryl family. This gemstone has large deposits in Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mozambique and Zambia.

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Apart from being the birthstone for the month of March, it is also presented to a spouse on their 19th marriage anniversary.

The Body

The aquamarine gemstone was often worn by sailors and was thought to provide a safe passage across the seas. Wearing this cool stone is thought to help the wearer feel calm, cool and level-headed. Aquamarine was often given as a gift to a bride as a symbol of love and unity. It is also thought that aquamarine has the ability to reawaken lost love between a couple.

It is capable of aligning the wearer’s physical and spiritual self. Aquamarine stone promotes good mental health and is thought to aid meditation and cultivate inner tranquillity.


In the Middle Ages, many people wore aquamarine as protection from poisoning. The Romans carved figures of frogs into their aquamarine stones as a way find reconciliation with their enemies.

Most Egyptian, Sumerian and Hebrew warriors wore aquamarine when they went into battle.


This dark green stone is flecked with bright red spots (as a result of iron oxide); is the second birthstone of March. Also called heliotrope, bloodstone is found as pebbles in riverbeds and rocks. Some of the world’s largest sources of bloodstone comes from Brazil, Australia and India.

The name ‘bloodstone’ is derived from Ancient Greek meaning “to turn the sun”. Bloodstone is also referred to as Blood Jasper. There are two types of bloodstone: heliotrope and plasma. The latter has fewer red spots. Bloodstone displaying a solid color with visible red veins is considered some of the best.


The ancient Babylonians used bloodstone to create amulet and seals and during divination. Bloodstone was prized by the Egyptians because they thought it could defeat their opponents.

In modern times, bloodstone is regarded as a lucky charm. It is often worn by athletes who wish to gain a boost in energy and mental clarity. It is thought to bestow strength and energy in the wearer.

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March - Aquamarine

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