January – Garnet

The majestic Garnet is the birth gemstone for people born in January. Garnets come in an array of colors such as pinkish orange, green and purplish red; however deep red is the most sought after. The term ‘garnet’ comes from the Latin word ‘granatum’ which refers to seeds because garnets bare an uncanny resemblance to pomegranate seeds. This beautiful gemstone represents trust, friendship, prosperity, good health, wealth and eternal happiness.

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Garnets were a huge favourite amongst the kings and queens of yesteryear. They were often adorned by Egyptian Pharaohs in their jewelry. Garnets were used as signet rings to place permanent seals on secret documents.

Czar Nicholas II sanctioned his designers to create intricate jewelry featuring garnets for his wife.

Carl Faberge, creator of the beautiful Faberge eggs often included Demantoid garnets in his artistic works.

Types of Garnet

There are over 20 types of garnets in the world; some are more valuable than others.

Rhodolite garnets are the most valued type of garnet. They were discovered in North Carolina in the United States. This type of garnet displays a vivacious purplish red to purplish raspberry color.

Dematoid garnets were discovered in the mid 1800s, in Russia’s Ural Mountains. This particular garnet displays a unique inclusion which resembles a horsetail. The very presence of this type of inclusion increases the garnet’s value. Tsavorite garnets were found in the 1960s are green in color. Their green hue is comparable to emeralds. This sturdy stone has fewer inclusions and is seldom treated.

Spessartite garnets were also found in the 1960s. Their color varies from yellowish orange to red to reddish-orange.

The Body and Healing

Garnets govern the lungs, heart and blood and are thought to protect these parts. A person wearing a garnet can experience improvements in romantic love, sensuality and passion.

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January - Garnet

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