April – Diamond

Diamond is one of the toughest gemstones; up to 58 times firmer than anything in the natural world. It is composed of a single element: carbon. In fact, the only thing in nature that can cut a diamond is another diamond!

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Although diamonds are associated with engagements and weddings, it’s also the perfect every day wear stone. A symbol of eternal friendship and everlasting love, it’s no wonder they make the perfect proposal gemstone!

Diamonds come in an array of colors such as red, yellow, blue, green and pink. The higher the color saturation, the higher the cost. Since diamonds displaying intense colors are rare, they may be color treated in a lab. Unlike other gemstones, diamonds look beautiful in silver, gold and platinum settings.

These sparkling beauties form deep within the Earth’s crust. They are forced upwards by geological and other natural forces.


Diamonds have been a favourite since the start of human history, even as early as 4 BC. At this time, ancient people believed diamonds were a form of lighting that were transformed into stone.

In India, diamonds became a popular gemstone during the Moghul and British Imperial reigns. Large diamond deposits were discovered along the route of three important rivers, making mining an easy process.

In modern society, diamonds are associated with status and wealth. This is because high quality diamonds are rare, difficult to mine and as a result very expensive.

The Body and Healing

Diamonds have a long standing tradition with healing. It is thought that wearing a diamond ring, pendant or bracelet can help the wearer experience relief from pituitary gland disorders. Diamonds are also thought to cure brain disease. They have the ability to draw out toxins from the blood.

Diamonds make the perfect birthday, engagement, anniversary and or special occasion gift!

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April - Diamond

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