7 Pendant Styles Every Women must have in her Jewelry Box


Whether you like to dress up in simple neck-wear or enjoy adorning a striking piece, there’s no doubt that most women love to accessorize their neckline with alluring and sparkling pendants. What is a pendant? It is a piece of jewelry that is similar to a necklace except that it has jewelry attached in the center. Pendants are available in numerous shapes, metals, sizes and designs. They are the perfect accessory to complement any outfit.


Here are seven pendant styles that ought to find a place in your jewelry collection:

1. Casual Pendants

This is a versatile, classic and fashionable pendant style. It adds just enough dazzle to your regular look. Casual pendants can be had in any color, metal, design or stone. To appear truly unique, opt for something unconventional. You may choose to be simple yet spectacular as well in which case a symmetrical figure, bows and floral motifs are suitable.

Casual pendants are sought after by all age groups. They’re a leading choice amongst trendsetters. The next time you head out to the grocery store, to the office or to a casual luncheon with friends, be sure to adorn a casual pendant.

2. Gemstone Pendants

This pendant style helps you look glamorous without any effort. They range from the subtle to the daring/bold and are captivating and charming. Like their casual counterpart, gemstone pendants may be worn for any occasion. They feature vibrant colored gemstones that are cut in unique shapes and faceted into a metal. This creates a vivid appearance. The variety of gemstones are plenty ranging from exotic to semi-precious, rare to precious. Popular examples include rubies, citrine, sapphires, amethysts, tanzanite, pearls, cubic zirconia and jade. Wear a gemstone pendant to your next party or dinner date and be prepared to make heads turn!

3. Pearl Pendants

The pearl is a quintessential jewelry item that will always be an evergreen fashion item. Symbolizing, wealth, purity, protection, luck and love, pearls are wonderful for both casual and formal wear. You can opt for simple white, freshwater pearls or something that’s more in vogue like lavender, black or multi-colored pearls. Wearing a pearl pendant will add charm and elegance to your outfit. They are the perfect accessory for a classy dinner with someone special.

4. Heart Pendants

Saying that heart pendants are statement jewelry items is an understatement. People like presenting them as gifts when they are proposing marriage or a commitment to the relationship. A symbol of romance and love, what could be better than receiving a heart pendant? There are many designs and styles in heart pendants, from single hearts to double hearts (i.e. yours and mine), to hearts featuring semi-precious or precious stones. You also opt for a heart shaped locket that features a photograph of your beloved.

5. Cross Pendants 

If you’re devoted to your faith, what better way to convey it than by wearing a cross pendant. This classic item ranges from a simply designed metal crucifix to one featuring numerous gemstones. For a bit of glam, consider a cross pendant with crystals and diamonds. These can be set in a wide range of metals such as copper, steel, sterling silver, gold or rhodium plate. You can even opt for a cross pendant with a specially worded message such as ‘hope’, ‘faith’, ‘peace’, etc. Cross pendants make incredible gifts during Christmas and for religious occasions.

6. Statement Pendants 

Statement pendants are the sports cars of jewelry. Want to appear modern, chic and fashionable? Wear a statement pendant! These are commonly worn by the youth of the world. They can be easily layered into everyday wear. Statement pendants feature a contemporary design and are often available in numerous metals, designs and styles. They are often striking and add balance to the wearer’s outfit. Statement pendants may be worn to add a little oomph to your look.

7. Hamsa Pendants 

Hamsa means ‘hand of God’. It is a Middle Eastern talisman that signifies protection for the wearer from misfortune and the evil eye. It is believed that wearing the Hamsa pendant provides wealth, happiness, success, prosperity and good health.

Each of the fingers on the hamsa point upward reminding the wearer to praise God using their five senses. The eye symbol is also featured on the hand and is considered a powerful talisman against evil spirits. Each Hamsa pendant is designed meticulously with precious metals and gemstones. They’re an incredible and meaningful gift to give someone you care about. Hamsa pendants are perfect gifts for a housewarming, birthday and anniversary.

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