10 Tips for how to wear Statement Necklaces


Sporting a statement necklace is a hot new trend right now. This bold jewelry piece will make you look sophisticated, poised and majestic. But how do you wear one exactly?


The following are ten tips for how to wear a statement necklace:

1. Make it the Focal Point

A statement necklace is meant to be a star. This means they’ll draw attention and lots of visual interest. As a result, keep the rest of the jewelry as understated as possible. If you wear too many pieces of bold jewelry, your entire outfit will look too busy.

2. Wear it with a Dress

Statement necklaces are meant to be worn with dresses, particularly formal ones. Your necklace would look great with a little black dress or even something colorful. Even floor-length maxi dresses will suit this piece.

3. Creates Visual Interest

If you’ve got a closet full of basic blouses, wearing a statement necklace with one of them is a great way to add style to your attire. Your basic blouse is similar to a blank canvas with the statement necklace adding some color.

4. Opt for Patterns

Don’t limit yourself to basics. Wear your statement necklace with patterned blouses, be it one with geometric, animal or floral prints. This will give you a chic and bold appearance.

5. Partner with Stripes

Stripes are a great pattern, especially vertical ones. Since the design of your outfit is uniform, a statement necklace will add just enough visual pop to help you stand out.

6. Add Brightness to an All-Black Ensemble

Do you happen to love wearing all black, all the time? Wearing a statement necklace with this type of ensemble is just perfect. Your neck jewelry will give you just enough pop to help you stand out. You can opt for monochrome statement piece or even a multi-colored one.

7. Adds Details to a Modest Neckline

Statement necklaces work best with outfits where the neckline isn’t the sole focus, i.e. lace panelling or illusion necklines.

8. Add Power to your Work Ensemble

Nothing screams power and confidence than a new business suit paired with a bold, statement necklace. You want your team to notice and remember you, so this is good way to go.

9. Color Co-ordinate your Necklace

To ensure you’re not clashing, match the color of your necklace to the outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a colorful skirt and blouse, consider a necklace that boasts the same colors.

10. Works well with Graphic Tees

Since you want your necklace to pop out, ensure it is a dark colored graphic tee. If you want to update your wardrobe without spending too much money, then consider wearing a statement necklace.

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